Cooling towers at Spencer Elementary and Roane County High Schools

In November 2018, Roane County voters authorized a school bond levy focused on the health and safety of our students and staff, themed "Securing Our Future."

Through careful management and thoughtful planning, the construction program funded by this issue has continued to perform well below budget, allowing the Board to fund additional projects throughout the county. 

Over the next two weeks, we'll recap the original bond projects as well as draw attention to additional projects funded through this historic bond levy.

First up is the project area that was completed first - in the summer of 2019, cooling towers at Roane County High School and Spencer Elementary School were replaced with new, modern units, increasing the efficiency of the HVAC systems at both schools and addressing the numerous environmental and mechanical issues of the previous units (which had been in operation since RCHS was constructed and since additions were made to SES).

Each of these cooling towers works to support the individual HVAC units in the building bring down ambient temperatures through chilled water circulation. 

Plans are now underway to replace the individual HVAC units at Roane County High School, many still original to the building's 1993 completion, but challenges in the current market have made HVAC projects difficult to complete.


Budget for
 Project Area
Actual Cost Surplus Remaining
for Other Projects  
$740,000 $567,500