Entrances at Geary and Walton Schools

In November 2018, Roane County voters authorized a school bond levy focused on the health and safety of our students and staff, themed "Securing Our Future."

Through careful management and thoughtful planning, the construction program funded by this issue has continued to perform well below budget, allowing the Board to fund additional projects throughout the county. 

This is the third in a five-part series recapping the construction program undertaken as a result of that bond levy.

When the Board first asked the public to consider a school bond levy, one item rose to the top of the priority list in public forums - so-called "Safe Schools" entrances.

In a "Safe Schools" entrance, the public can enter the school through only one entry, and must be allowed in by someone in the school office. They then enter into a secured area that cannot access the rest of the school without being allowed through one of two secured doorways, creating what is called a "man trap." This is similar to a waiting room at a physician's office or hospital in many ways, though with the additional of electronic door access controls and ballistic glass. 

Prior to this construction program, no Roane County school had a truly controlled entry way, with each school's main entrance leading directly into a hallway rather than the school office or a waiting area. 

Now, with the completion of the secure entrance at the current Spencer Middle School this summer, all five schools will have secured entrances that require a person to permit the individual into the building and an additional permission to let him/her into the rest of the building. At four schools (Geary, Walton, SES, and RCHS), a waiting area was constructed so that parents or others coming to pick up a child can comfortably wait in a secure area without gaining access to the entire school. The new Spencer Middle School will feature a similar waiting area.

Though not a perfect solution to today's school safety concerns, secure entrances do give school staff a valuable tool to keep intruders out of the building while still allowing those who need in secure access to the school.


Budget for Project AreaActual CostSurplus Remaining for Other Projects

* does not include the secure entrance at the current Spencer Middle School as this was included in the roofing projects due to combined bidding

** pending completion of roofing / entrance project at current Spencer Middle School